lundi, juin 24, 2013

(Lost) energies

Lately there has been quite a lot of protests in Brazil against a lot of things, amongst them is better quality of (health) services and cheaper bus fares... but not only. End of corruption in the government was part but it was felt that there a general anger in the brazilian citizen seeing its own energy been wasted in useless things.
Take that colleague of mine working in the HR department: she is a graduating student in administration and works in my building. I'll describe her day as best as I can:
- 4h30: wake up for the working day
- 5h30: takes the bus to work
- 7h00: starts her working day
- 17h30: end of working day
- 19h00: starts university
- 22h00: ends university
- 23h30: arrives home (average 30min before or after)
If you add the dinner she gies to bed (at best) at 00h30 meaning she sleeps 4h max a night... all week.
That is not a particular example but a general trend in Brazil due to bad organization coupled with bad traffic and lack of bus routes. She could start her working day later but cant because the most direct route for her is that early and that late. We finish the working day at 4pm but she cannot go home because she would not have time to go back to university.
To conclude I would say she is spending a huge amount of energy to go through the day when that coyld be avoided by better city organization... one of Brazil's biggest issue and definitely one of brazilian's underlying protests

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